MA Anti-Anxiety Wrist Bands

In collaboration with Green Rock Jewellery, Minds Anonymous are delighted to offer these Anti-Anxiety Wrist Bands…

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Designed with 5 carefully selected healing gemstones on adjustable black cord.
All beads are threaded through wire, making them Spinners, perfect to play with if you’re feeling anxious.

Your Bracelet Includes:

Lava Beads

This lava stone is known for its grounding & strength properties.
For aromatherapy, just put one drop of lavender or tea tree essential oil into the porous beads & enjoy the lasting scent all day long! Avoid using other essential oils as many can irritate the skin.

One has been placed either side of the Crystal stones to enhance the Aromatherapy experience.

Snowflake Obsidian

Provides balance for the mind & body.
A stone of purity, helps to release toxins that prevent positive energies.


A gentle calming stone used to help relieve stress & anxiety, and a powerful protector.

Rose Quartz

The stone of Universal & Unconditional Love. Purifies & opens the heart chakra, providing self love, self forgiveness & self worth.

Clear Quartz

The Mother of all healing stones, used to balance emotional stability. Perfect in its clarity to clear your mind & focus on what is important.

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40% of the proceeds go toward helping fund Minds Anonymous.

All products come gift wrapped making it a perfect present for someone special or for you to keep.

Made to order.

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