I’m lonely.

I’m in my 40s and really don’t think I have any friends. I have people I hang out with, sure. But if it came balls to the wall, not so sure that anyone would be interested, apart from 1, and even then I’d feel like I was imposing.

Not even hubby is interested. I mean he’s great, but introverted.

Never had friends growing up (long and involved) and lockdown has done a number on me. I lost my job,I got another but at the fraction of what I was on, so gone from “yeah I’m there, I’m paying” to “sorry I have 30 quid left for the week “.

So no one calls me.

It freaking sucks, I have suicidal thoughts every other day, until I realise hubby doesn’t know how to clean the loo.

Human interaction us the one thing we need, just reach out, just be there.

If you are experiencing loneliness take a look at our supporting article Connectedness to Tackle Loneliness by Counsellor/Psychotherapist Gill Jardine.