PODCAST: Mental Health for Men

PODCAST: Mental Health for Men

Acknowledging trauma and seeking help is not a weakness, but rather the most courageous thing that you can do for yourself. That’s why episode 68 of The Positively Living Podcast is about mental health for men! 

In this episode of The Positively Living Podcast, Lisa Zawrotny chats to guest Tim Beisiegel who shares the importance of normalizing mental health, specifically for men, and offers actionable steps you can take right now to acknowledge your trauma and open yourself up to seeking help. 

Tim and Lisa cover the following topics:

  • Tim’s life experiences from childhood leading up to his daughter being hospitalized for 97 days and how that led him to advocating for mental health and normalizing seeking help.
  • The ways in which society’s perception surrounding men’s vulnerability is extremely toxic and dates back farther than we recognize. 
  • Having conversations on the topic of mental health is the number one way in which we can reverse the stigma and normalize mental health for all. 
  • The difference between acknowledging and accepting your trauma versus deflecting your trauma. 

It’s time that we not only support men seeking counselling and therapy, but that we encourage it.

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