POEM: I am. Or am I

POEM: I am. Or am I

As I sit drowning in negative self talk, I feel compelled to at least attempt to manifest in writing a far better mindset than my current. I feel as though this may be my first successful fantasy novel-esque piece.

Am I?

I’m a stern survival soldier,
battle scared beyond the mind.
I keep on trooping forward,
learning lessons every time.

I’m a slayer of emotions,
they come at me with shame.
I sit with them and show them love,
no longer they remain.

I’m a force of understanding,
when the worlds seem dark and grim.
I look around at what I have,
I’m grateful from within.

I’m a syllable composer,
I write my wishes out.
I give power and intention,
so they’re true to me no doubt.

I’m a voluntary leader,
I share my growth with pride.
I hope my guidance Shines a light,
on people far and wide.

I’m a curious evolver,
I always look within.
I always find new parts of me,
new journeys to begin.

I’m a cosmic firm believer,
in a greater higher power.
I handed over all my fears,
no longer will I cower.

I’m a flawless future dreamer,
I wonder all the time.
I try to keep an open mind,
if not I make a rhyme.

I’m a radical receiver,
my eyes are open wide.
Abundant universal bliss,
my prayers are heard each time.

I’m a patient goal achiever,
I trust the path that be.
I know just how my future looks,
if I live authentically.

I’m a consumer of connection,
recovered vibes I seek.
Let’s talk of growth and tolerance,
and the things that make us weak.

I’m a mindful baby mumma,
blessed with lessons from the bean.
She’s such a wholesome gentle soul,
of which I’ve never seen.

I’m a grateful resonator,
I keep my vibes in check.
I know if I now feed the dark,
I’ll end up another wreck.

I’m a poetic pollinator,
my words they are my fruit.
I fertilise with verbal lines,
the pages of my book.

I’m a sacred soulful seeker,
searching wisdom every day.
Pursuing each life lesson,
and all thats in the way.

I’m a transcendent trying human,
with a heavy heart and mind.
But I’m divinely cared for,
my soul is true and kind.

I’m a mystic magic marvel,
on a magic open road.
Each step I take, imprint I make,
the alchemy now glowed.

I’m another level empress,
the ruler of my fate.
A grateful queen living my dreams,
in my wholesome home estate.