POEM: I’m back in the game…

POEM: I’m back in the game…

I’m back in the game

But before I proclaim

Let me tell you how I regained my own name

Once filled with shame

Lost faith in my flame

It was time to reclaim

My traumatized brain

Quit my own bullshit 

I just had to commit

To no more conflict

And that’s when it suddenly started to  click

I’m in control 

Of my immortal soul

By patrolling my goals

And owning my own

So I looked back to process 

and bow at my progress

years of masking my pain 

Of terrible moments recurring again

Moments that turned me nasty and bitter 

Luckily though I was never a hitter

Just a passive aggressor 

And Not a forgiver.

But that’s longer me 

I just couldn’t see 

So potentially free 

I just had to let it all be

So I trawled through my past 

Faced my demons at last

lifes flying too fast 

It’s too short to carry

that anger I married

and so loved to never do part. 

But I learned a lesson 

in counting my blessings

And here’s where it all starts

Where I pick up the smarts

Self love is an art 

A skill off the chart

It Takes practice to love your own heart

But Life in full colour 

Makes More love for another 

More room to recover

And that’s why I’m back in the game

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