POEM: Rhythmic insight……..

POEM: Rhythmic insight……..

RECOVERY, await the tears

It ain’t all meds and facing fears

A flawless mess

Ain’t that pretty

I’m done here




When the fluffy disappears

The dirty nitty gritty

Concrete jungle dusty city

Snakes for people nasty, shitty

Through clean eyes you see disguise

Now its time

To run and hide

Hunker down it could get messy 

Hold on though it wont be deadly

The time has come to let it go

The anger I so love to know

“Let it be and you’ll be free”

But it has a filthy hold on me!

Here it goes, I know the sequence

Calls the substance that lies of guidance

Its pain relief not indulgence

No care for any consequence

Take my mind through wonky eyes

And hold me while I touch the skies


But then it falls

That wasn’t pain relief at all

Just a moments paused

And now


Around and round the cycle goes

Its time you found your natural flow

To bring forth your fiery joyful glow

And get away from the circus show

Take your time, its not a trick

No one picks this stuff up quick

And if you stumble, try not grumble

Its just another little fumble

They come and go along the way

We don’t let them lead us astray

And if they do, its no trouble

Play it safe and just stay humble

And so come the lessons of living life free

Free of self doubt and anxiety

Free of the weight that you once carried




The justice you seek is really no matter

What’s important is how you hold when you falter

Forgiveness is key but not aimed at others

You need it yourself, yourself you should mother

And with these new lessons

The whole worlds a blessing

In taking the moment to study your settings

Slow down, enjoy, nobody’s betting

And now that we’ve harboured all these components

This gift to me, some work now warrants

There are no accidents

This is your moment


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