RADIO: The Business of EFT Healing

RADIO: The Business of EFT Healing

What is EFT Healing and how can it help soothe anxiety, help to heal past traumas and lead to a healthier mind?

Find out in this 50-minute radio show, amid EFT Master Practitioner and Life Coach Tamas Konya’s choice of music, as he chats to our founder Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen on Connections Radio.

As Tamas tells his emotive story of battling addiction, depression, anxiety and more, feel comforted that you can get through to the other side with the right support and help.

“Connection, connection, connection…” One of our favourite quotes from Tamas when asked by Wizzi what he would say to someone struggling to simply carry on today.

Enjoy the full show here:

Or try a snippet first to get a flavour:

@wizzimagnussen What would you say to someone struggling to find the #strength to carry on? Hear this incredible answer and take #inspiration & #comfort from my guest Tamas Konya… Full episode airs 1st Nov 1pm GMT #mentalhealth #efthealing ? original sound – wizzimagnussen
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