RADIO: The Business of Grief and Loss

RADIO: The Business of Grief and Loss

We will all experience a bereavement at some point in our lives, probably many, so why is grief not spoken about more openly and how can we support those grieving? In this The Business of… episode on Connections Radio, our Founder Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen interviews the Founder of Grief Coach, Emma Payne, posing the below questions and more:

  • What inspired you to set up Grief Coach?
  • How does the text service work and how can people access it?
  • Do you have professionals on the other side of the text service, offering real time support to those grieving? 
  • Are there different stages of grief that we all go through when we suffer a loss? 
  • Can suffering a great loss impact our working lives and if so what advice do you have for those going through this? 
  • As we mentioned, you are also a best-selling author, can you please tell me about your published works?
  • As this is something we may all go through at some point in our lives, is grief spoken about and understood enough in society and is enough support offered?

Amid music by Bob Dylan, Regina Spektor, The Cranberries, U2 and more, this 50 minute radio show takes a deep dive into what it feels like to grieve, the misconceptions around this topic and gives listeners a comforting message from a true expert.

Grief Coach is a now a free service in the UK. For more information and to create an account for instant grief support visit this website.

Directly below is a snippet of the show to give you a taster, below that you will find the whole episode.

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