SUPPORT: Connecting with Nature for Mental Health Awareness Week

SUPPORT: Connecting with Nature for Mental Health Awareness Week

By Way to Wellbeing

As we head for what should be the hottest of our seasons, stepping out into nature is perhaps becoming a more welcome activity after what has seemed a particularly long winter. As the sun pokes out through the clouds and tickles the senses with a longed-for warmth I wonder if you are feeling a greater sense of wellbeing?

Each season offers its own natural beauty. The transitional seasons of Autumn and Spring see the colours of the trees burst and change giving out a sense of anticipation of the next season to come. In Winter, a frost can make a landscape glisten and shine. The summer sun brightens any natural space and lights up the colours of the flowers and leaves.

21 years ago, The Mental Health Foundation started Mental Health Awareness Week with the purpose of drawing society’s focus toward the subject over the week.

Since then it has grown to become one of the most well-known awareness weeks in the calendar, with charities, businesses, initiatives and individuals pulling together to raise awareness for mental health and encourage further investigation and a deeper understanding of the topic…

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