SUPPORT: Wellbeing – A Balancing Act

Seeking balance is an ongoing activity. In finding balance, whether that be in our daily lives, such as a work/life balance, or in our minds, balanced moods, it seems that this state of being is commonly sought after.

When I first considered this topic I thought only of the positive side of balance; calm, contentment, safety, evenness. Sounds lovely right? But when delving further into the meaning I began to wonder is it always positive to seek balance or could it actually hold us back?

Feeling a sense of balance in our lives can translate into a sense of wellbeing and calm, but if we remain in this state constantly are we in danger of not progressing? Perhaps, like happiness, we should seek moments of balance but allow ourselves a little time on the proverbial wobble board on occasion to ensure we are getting the most out of our experiences, growing and getting stronger. Read more…