My Cognition

Changing the world one mind at a time

MyCognition allows people to monitor and screen, treat and prevent poor mental health using their clinically validated, NHS approved, CE Marked digital therapeutics.

This app is easy to use by all ages (recommended for 7 & up) and clinically proven to be effective in educational, workplace and community environments.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation team were told that we were “truly unique” and reported MyCognition as the leading cognitive health company, globally.

The MyCognitionPRO mobile app is an intuitive, cognitive measurement and training application that has been described by Neuroscientist and CEO of MyCognition, Keiron Sparrowhawk, as:

“Physiotherapy for the brain.”

The app can detect, manage and improve mental health through cognitive function and does so using assessment, training tasks and coaching programmes. The app targets five key cognitive domains:

  • Executive Function – the way you plan, organise and strategise creative solutions, while maintaining emotional control
  • Episodic Memory – the way you recall past events personal to you and relevant to the current context
  • Processing Speed – the way you respond quickly and accurately
  • Working Memory – the way you problem solve and make decisions
  • Attention – the way you focus and get things done

Powered by Science

MyCognition’s assessment has been created by a leading team in neuropsychiatric & cognitive research alongside some of the foremost research institutions such as University of Cambridge, the Amsterdam Academic Medical Center (AMC) and the University Hospitals of Maastricht and Antwerp.

MyCognitionPRO Access for Minds Anonymous Authors

MyCognition has partnered with Minds Anonymous to allow all published authors free access to the MyCognitionPRO application, downloadable on both Android and iPhone.

To access, simply send your story in as normal through the Share a Story page and write MYCOG at the end.

There is no obligation for authors to take advantage of this offer and we will not contact you unless you state the above code with your story submission.