POEM: The Colour Came Back Into Your Eyes

POEM: The Colour Came Back Into Your Eyes

Lost in a sepia cloud
Your azure hue had gone
Wading through marshes
A pocket full of stones
Darkened and darkening
Drowning gasping
Desperately grasping
The wrong hand.

The hand of help you need right now
That hand is yours alone.
We almost lost you to The Vast
But right before the final breath
unleashed within, your inner fire!

Fought off the demon hands that bound you to his lies
The colour came back into your eyes
And with a spark of blue, we knew, right then and there,
That you
Had saved yourself again.

With pride, we announce you to the world!
Our joy, our light
Our pillar of strength!
What you have overcome is as immeasurable as our immense love for you.
We are proud to call you Ours.
You are loved.

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