PODCAST/VIDEO: Founder Wizzi Magnussen’s Story

PODCAST/VIDEO: Founder Wizzi Magnussen’s Story


Founder of Minds Anonymous

Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen: “I didn’t know that anything was wrong”

Wizzi Magnussen, the Founder and Owner at Minds Anonymous, which provides a safe space to share mental health stories anonymously, and Wizmedia, a website design and copywriting company, struggled as a child and began to self-harm around the age of nine.

Self-medicating and addictive tendencies followed until, at the age of twenty-seven, after years of treatment for multiple diagnoses and incorrect medication regimens, she was accurately diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a combination of bipolar and schizophrenia, in 2017.

Today, happy and well and armed with deep insight into her own condition, Wizzi wants to change the way people both view and understand mental health, through the lens of lived experiences, in a bid to abolish the stigma.

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