Minds Anonymous is not a registered mental health charity and can offer no individual support to readers or contributors.

We are purely a publishing platform for anonymous, mental health focused stories. If your story could be identified as triggering we will issue a trigger warning at the beginning of your piece. Please alert us if you think your story may trigger other members of our community.

We will not open up a dialogue with individuals. If you submit a story you are agreeing to its being published in its entirety, anonymously and without authorship. For quality control purposes, we reserve the right to proofread and edit submissions before publication. We also reserve the right not to publish work we do not feel is aligned with the message of our initiative. We may produce an audio book of your story to give access to your work to more people. Please let us know with your submission if you are not comfortable with your story being made into an audiobooks.

If you change your mind and want your article taken down please contact us again through the Share a Story page and we will remove it as soon as possible.

We hold no responsibility for the effect our stories have on readers.

Please do not send us anything that could put you or others at risk and take care to maintain anonymity within your work.

We will not share your information, real name, email address or any message you mark as private with any third party.

We may share your work on our social media channels but will never name you as the author or tag you in such posts.

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