Minds Anonymous provides a safe space to share your mental health stories completely anonymously.

By increasing the understanding of mental health conditions we hope to abolish stigma.

A powerful story can change a life.

Let us share yours.

What is Minds Anonymous?

The Reality of Mental Health

TRIGGER WARNING: These stories may contain sensitive topics such as severe mental health conditions, suicide, drug, alcohol, domestic and sexual abuse.

Recent Stories

  • SUPPORT: Anxiety – A User Guide – Free Audio Book Available
    As an experience, anxiety can be deeply unpleasant, exhausting, a crippling and disabling force that stands in the way of us living the lives we want. When we talk about ‘having anxiety’, or ‘anxiety problems’ we are normally thinking about this destructive side of anxiety, something we would understandably like to remove from our lives. So it might seem strange to ask, ‘what is anxiety for?’.
  • SUPPORT: Relationships and the Pandemic – Free Audio Book Available
    Firstly, what is a ‘pandemic’? We can break the word down into two parts 1. pan and 2. demic. According to the Collins English Dictionary ‘pan’ means ‘all or every’ or ‘relating to all parts or members’, the ‘demic’ part of the word means ‘characteristic of or pertaining to a population of people’. We can see that a pandemic affects everybody, everywhere, and therefore affects every relationship too. If every person is trying to deal with a new, unfamiliar, frightening phenomenon, then their emotions are going to be heightened, affecting their responses and behaviours.
  • SUPPORT: Worry or Anxiety?
    According to the Collins English Dictionary, ‘worry’ is ‘to be, or cause to be anxious or uneasy, especially about something uncertain or potentially dangerous’. ‘Anxiety’ is ‘state of uneasiness or tension caused by apprehension or possible future misfortune, danger’. The most obvious difference here is that ‘anxiety’ is described as ‘a state’ perhaps suggesting a more continuing condition. Whereas ‘worry’ may come and go depending on what is happening, ‘anxiety’ continues irrespective of what is happening.

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About Us

Our Beliefs

Minds Anonymous is an initiative set up to end the stigma that surrounds mental health, offer support to those that suffer and increase understanding of common and uncommon mental health conditions.

By sharing stories of real life mental health experiences, we aim to prove that managing mental health is simply part of being human. We may face individual challenges, but by learning about each other, we are in a stronger place to support one another.


What People Say about Minds Anonymous

I think there has never been a better time to do it. Lot’s of people are struggling this year and we’re not out of the woods yet.

Minds Anonymous Supporter

I still think its mad that literally everyone I know has mental health issues of some kind and yet there’s still this feeling that we can’t be open about it!

Minds Anonymous Supporter


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