Minds Anonymous provides a safe space to share your mental health stories completely anonymously.

By increasing the understanding of mental health conditions we hope to abolish stigma.

A powerful story can change a life.

Let us share yours.

What is Minds Anonymous?

The Reality of Mental Health

TRIGGER WARNING: These stories may contain sensitive topics such as severe mental health conditions, suicide, drug, alcohol, domestic and sexual abuse.

Recent Stories

  • Lonely
    I’m lonely. I’m in my 40s and really don’t think I have any friends. I have people I hang out with, sure. But if it came balls to the wall, not so sure that anyone would be interested, apart from 1, and even then I’d feel like I was imposing. Not even hubby is interested. I mean he’s great, but introverted. Never had friends growing up (long and involved) and lockdown has done a number on me. I lost my job,I got another but at the fraction of what I was on, so gone from “yeah I’m there, I’m paying” to “sorry I have 30 quid left for the week “.
  • Socializing in the Hospital
    After being admitted to an inpatient hospital setting, settling down on the unit as best as possible, and changing into hospital garb, there is little to do than to sit and wait for your treatment team meetings, medication administration, meals, and pace up and down the hallways. Another option for passing the time is socializing with other peers on the unit. Of course, socializing has its advantages and disadvantages, and risks too. Peers on the unit carry with them insight (or lack of) and stories that can pass the time on days when you need to escape, if only mentally, the confines of the unit. After so many hospitalizations, I have experienced the benefits and drawbacks of socializing with others in the hospital.
  • Psychosis for those who care about someone with Psychosis
    What If I Wasn’t Crazy? – An Inside Look, for the Normals, and Other Scary Individuals. The hotel staff pressed his naked body to the ground. His initiation was almost complete. Lots of things buzzed through his mind as they held him, face pressed into the cold hotel floor. Probably none of these staff members were fully aware of the process underway -and those who were aware that there was a standard procedure to these initiations probably didn’t care to know any more about it. Occasionally restraint was necessary. Officials turned up, and the restrained party was not seen again. It didn’t matter to the hotel staff – faith in a system that worked relatively smoothly was what counted.

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Minds Anonymous is an initiative set up to end the stigma that surrounds mental health, offer support to those that suffer and increase understanding of common and uncommon mental health conditions.

By sharing stories of real life mental health experiences, we aim to prove that managing mental health is simply part of being human. We may face individual challenges, but by learning about each other, we are in a stronger place to support one another.


What People Say about Minds Anonymous

I think there has never been a better time to do it. Lot’s of people are struggling this year and we’re not out of the woods yet.

Minds Anonymous Supporter

I still think its mad that literally everyone I know has mental health issues of some kind and yet there’s still this feeling that we can’t be open about it!

Minds Anonymous Supporter


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