Minds Anonymous provides a safe space to share your mental health stories completely anonymously.

By increasing the understanding of mental health conditions we hope to abolish stigma.

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What is Minds Anonymous?

The Reality of Mental Health

TRIGGER WARNING: These stories may contain sensitive topics such as severe mental health conditions, suicide, drug, alcohol, domestic and sexual abuse.

Recent Stories

  • RADIO: The Business of Resilience
    What does resilience mean? Can too much focus on building our own resilience lead to burnout? How connected are these two very prominent topics? Aubrey Wrenn is the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Consultant for Proven Valor Professionals. Aubrey enlisted in the Marine Corps in January of 2001 as an Artillery Cannoneer and retired as a First Sergeant (Senior Enlisted Leader/Advisor). How has his transition from the military into the civilian world been? How can others hope to make a smooth ride of this somewhat complex and often challenging period? With over 21 years of military experience, Aubrey has served in multiple locations across the globe. Through multiple combat deployments and challenging assignments, Aubrey has honed his craft as a passionate and dedicated organisational leader that strives to enhance the resiliency, culture, effectiveness, efficiency, and leadership acumen of every organisation he has been a part of.
  • SUPPORT: What is Resilience?
    I seem to keep hearing the word resilience everywhere I turn right now, and it’s got me thinking about what resilience is, why might we need resilience and how we might develop it in ourselves. So firstly what is it? Resilience seems to be about finding a way to not only deal with life’s difficulties, but to bounce back after dealing with them or, at least, be able to function and get on with our lives. ‘Our lives’ may well be altered by events we experience, and even if we are resilient, we may have to make changes to go forward. It may be that this is where we need the resilience – not just to survive the challenge, but to find our way in the new circumstances. So what do we need to be resilient? Are we born with a certain amount of this, different for everybody? Does it develop in response to challenge? It is so hard to say whether or not we are born resilient. Different theorists have different views. Some say we are a blank slate when we are born and everything is put in place by our experience of life, i.e where in the world we were born, what was the culture we were born into etc.
  • RADIO: The Business of EFT Healing
    What is EFT Healing and how can it help soothe anxiety, help to heal past traumas and lead to a healthier mind? Find out in this 50-minute radio show, amid EFT Master Practitioner and Life Coach Tamas Konya’s choice of music as he chats to our founder Louisa “Wizzi” Magnussen on Connections Radio. As Tamas tells his emotive story of battling addiction, depression, anxiety and more feel comforted that you can get through to the other side with the right support and help. “Connection, connection, connection.” One of our favourite quotes from Tamas when asked by Wizzi what he would say to someone struggling to simply carry on today.

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Minds Anonymous

Our Beliefs

Minds Anonymous is an initiative set up to end the stigma that surrounds mental health, offer support to those that suffer and increase understanding of common and uncommon mental health conditions.

By sharing stories of real life mental health experiences, we aim to prove that managing mental health is simply part of being human. We may face individual challenges, but by learning about each other, we are in a stronger place to support one another.

Ending mental health stigma, one story at a time.