The South of England Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme

The South of England Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme (a.k.a Time4Recovery) brings together people who are passionate about improving the support available for people with psychosis and their families. Our mission is to:

  1. Work with people who have experience of first episode psychosis and their families to develop services that promote best possible outcomes;
  2. Foster professional attitudes that engender hope and optimism that people with psychosis can achieve meaningful and fulfilled lives;
  3. Combat stigma, discrimination and prejudice by raising awareness about psychosis and tackling factors that contribute to social exclusion;
  4. Ensure that functional outcomes such as access to education and employment are as equally important as a reduction in symptoms;
  5. Collaborate with partner agencies such as employers and housing providers, in a bid to achieve wider reaching positive influence and help more people with or at risk of developing psychosis.

Psychosis is a common illness which can derail a person’s life trajectory leading to long term mental and physical disability.

Evidence shows that the early identification and swift effective intervention leads to reduced pain to the individual and their family, better long term outcomes and lower costs to the health service and wider economy.

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