SUPPORT: Work/Life Balance: Myth or Matter?

SUPPORT: Work/Life Balance: Myth or Matter?

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Do you have a good work/life balance? Do I? Does anyone?

Ironically, I wonder if this topic on the whole can make people feel a little uncomfortable. Are there fears amongst the work/life balance ‘achievers’ that people will think they are not dedicated enough to their careers? And on the other side, if we are to admit to not having this balance do we fear people will think we are too career minded and not family oriented enough?

To understand this concept a little deeper and hopefully quash the niggling discomfort in the small of your back the next time someone broaches this topic, in this article, we will explore exactly what a work/life balance is, why it is important and how to go about finding it in the modern working world. But before we dive in, perhaps take a moment for yourself to think about where you find meaning and purpose in life. It could be through work, family, hobbies or something else entirely. Aligning to your values may help you notice when life is out of balance.

There are two questions that can help you realise where your values lie that you can ask yourself in most situations:

  1. What do I really want here?
  2. What can I do right now to express or move toward it?

By being honest with yourself about what you want and acting on your true values you become authentic. It can be unnerving to show up as our authentic selves as it makes us vulnerable. However, vulnerability is an essential part of finding our balance and realising our values. Read more…

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