PODCAST: From Survivor to Thriver E43: “We need to change the way we talk to ourselves”

With Jas Rawlinson…

Jas, a best-selling author, award-nominated book coach and resilience speaker, specializes in stories that change lives. During the first two decades of her life, she felt very alone in her world of depression and anxiety as the result of both childhood family violence and then the death of her father by suicide when she was 18 years old. A volunteer role as a photojournalist when she was in her 20’s, along with her discovery of gratitude journaling, finally set her on a path to healing. Combining her lived experience as a domestic violence survivor with her BA in creative writing and psychology, she has helped close to 30 writers go from ‘idea’ to ‘published’ in the past four years and has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives through global media outlets and her anthology book series “Reasons to Live: One More Day Every Day,” which offers stories of hope, resilience and triumph over adversity. Above all, Jas believes that everyone has a story with the power to inspire and change lives.

Connect with Jas to find out more about her mission and her writing courses at jasrawlinson.com.

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