• My Chronic Depression

    My Chronic Depression

    I’m new here and have never really done anything like this. I have been severely, chronically, and, sometimes, even catatonically depressed for over a year now. Before this, I was an outgoing, independent, go-getting, happy person. I have recently been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and have had depression and anxiety my entire life (but it was under control). This episode started when I broke up with my boyfriend who I thought was the love of my life only to realize he was a narcissist that not only manipulated me but left me in serious debt (I’ve taken care of the money situation already thankfully).  I had never felt the happiness I felt with him and truly thought I was the luckiest person alive who finally met her soulmate. After realizing all the damage and because he put me through I broke up with him but that left me heartbroken (and I think what really triggered this episode but I’m not 100% sure).

  • SUPPORT: Could there be a Downside to Mental Health Awareness?

    SUPPORT: Could there be a Downside to Mental Health Awareness?

    By Gill Jardine, Counsellor/Psychotherapist We are living in a time of increasing awareness of mental health issues which sounds all to the good, but, in reality, is it? I can hear you thinking: ‘Well, of course it is, why would…

  • There are No Bad Things (Our Near Death Experience)

    There are No Bad Things (Our Near Death Experience)

    I’ve had some of the hardest times and biggest struggles over the last couple of years of my life. But also some of the best times as well. But Covid isn’t really related that much. In early 2021 my girlfriend and I (now wife/ soul mate) shared a near death experience. We were travelling back from a holiday in our newly converted van which we’d done ourselves. We were travelling along the M6, just before the toll. We were in the third lane, which was to become the slow lane, as the 4 lanes divide in 2 and become separate roads. There was a clunk and a bang, and suddenly a lot of resistance. We came to a stop very quickly. Coasting to the hard shoulder was impossible, we were stranded. We later found out that the drive belt has snapped and then got lodged in all sorts of places it shouldn’t be, and this caused the van to essentially do an emergency stop. In the 15 minutes that followed, vehicles shot past at 70mph either side of us…