SUPPORT: Humanity – An Interconnection

SUPPORT: Humanity – An Interconnection

One thing that undoubtedly connects each human to one another is the planet on which we share our existence; the earth. We were born here, we breathe here, we will (probably!) always be bound to this place, together. Perhaps a rather powerful thought.

It goes deeper than the delight we may feel at a cool breeze brushing our cheek, a sunny spell warming us all over or the sound of a bird tweeting merrily early in the morning. The earth is a rocky, terrestrial planet and 70% of it is covered by water. 4.543 billion years old, one of the first known of the human species to live on earth, the Homo habilis or ‘handy man’, arrived 2.4 to 1.4 million years ago, followed by another of our close relatives, the Neanderthal.

Just how long the earth was here before human inhabitation is perhaps a humbling thought. The earth provides a livable atmosphere, oxygen

water, food, shelter, heat, light, everything we need to survive and thrive in our human existence, but it can also be a dangerous mistress so we must respect the landscape, the weather, the oceans that surround us and our star, the sun.

If you read our monthly knowledge hub articles you may know by now that we are big believers that getting out into the natural world with regularity can be hugely beneficial to mental and physical health. This is not a new or original concept. In fact, read more

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