POEM: Greeting shadows

POEM: Greeting shadows

Im reaching out, don’t know what for

My tools won’t work, in need of more

My mindset shifts from dark to light 

And Nightmares haunt me day and night 

My safe routine is out of whack 

My mood is wobbly, mostly black

Gratitude I try apply

When really I just want to cry

I know I’m blessed as I exist

Intrusive thoughts they don’t resist

Exhausted from this too and fro

My shadow rules my light and glow

My soothing systems lost its clout 

My nervous systems screaming out 

My senses tender, patience short 

My conscious rattles in distort

I take deep breaths and ground my mind 

The darkness slips in everytime

I hold the souls that heal my heart 

Moments of extreme delight

And like a passing storm that came

My shadow takes its reign again

And while I see these divine gifts 

Sent through universal shifts 

All my dreams and wishes true

My shadow keeps me down and blue

I focus on the here and now 

My triggers simply won’t allow 

The kindness that I know I need 

My past it dominates my creed

I’m loving life in recovery 

But my shadow wants to smother me.

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